Aka1 Glory L3
Aka1 Glory L3 SC8830 Flash file free

If you are searching in Google Aka1 Glory L3 SC8830 Flash file free then go to download link that is five below of page. Hi, welcome to my website today i m going to share one another mobile flash file with the latest latest version, . Here some more information give related to  Aka1 Glory L3 smartphone if you are confirmed that then you can move to download button .

Aka1 Glory L3 SC8830 Flash file free

Aka1 Glory L3 SC8830 Flash file free

[su_button id=”download” url=”https://www.mediafire.com/file/fdx534u3fulf2bv/SC8830_AKAI_GLORY_L3_4.4.2_Android4.4.2-2015.07.08_Android4.4.2-2015.07.08_skytek_wg4588.rar/file” target=”blank” style=”noise” size=”7″ wide=”yes” center=”yes”]DOWNLOAD[/su_button]

Aka1 Glory L3 SC8830 Flash file read info with cm2

Device info :
Patch Level    : Android4.4.2-2015.07.08
Display ID     : Android4.4.2-2015.07.08
Ver. CodeName  : REL
Ver. Release   : 4.4.2
Build Time     : 1440745467
Product Model  : GLORY L3
Product Brand  : AKAI
Product Name   : skytek_wg4588
Product Device : skytek_wg4588
Product Board  : skytek_wg4588
Product Manfct : AKAI
Board Platform : sc8830
Product Info   : skytek_wg4588


Aka1 Glory L3 SC8830 Flash file free

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Today in this post i share Aka1 Glory L3 SC8830 Flash file free download with the latest version 2020 if you realy like this post share with your friends. if you need any type of file you can visit our site for free flsah files thanks.


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