Calme C86
Calme C86 SC6531E flash file free

If you are searching in Google Calme C86 SC6531E flash file free then go to download link that is five below of page. Hi, welcome to my website today i m going to share one another mobile flash file with the latest latest version, . Here some more information give related to Calme C86 smartphone if you are confirmed that then you can move to download button .

Calme C86 SC6531E flash file free

Calme C86 SC6531E flash file free

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Calme C86 SC6531E flash file read info with cm2

Device Connected!
BootVersion : SPRD3
BootSource : InternalLibrary
BootVersion : Infinity SCR 6531EFM v2.0 (c)2019
Port speed : 921600
FDL Flash : Control transfered!

CS0_MEM : SPI : [WINBOND] : W25Q32 : 0x00400000 [ 4MiB ]

Read Flash Ok, Size : 4.00 MiB

Project Version: SC6531EFM_BAR
MMI Version: SC6531EFM_BAR
HW Version(Auto): SC6531EFM_BAR
buildtime:09-26-2019 17:06:52
LOG Version: V1.0.1
Saved to : C:\Users\Desktop\CALME_C86_V06_26092019_17:06:52.bin


Today in this post i share Calme C86 SC6531E flash file free with the latest version 2020 if you realy like this post share with your friends. if you need any type of file you can visit our site for free flsah files thanks.


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