Qmobile LT900 PRO SP7731G Flash file free
Qmobile LT900 PRO SP7731G Flash file free

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Qmobile LT900 PRO SP7731G Flash file free

Qmobile LT900 PRO SP7731G Flash file free

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Qmobile LT900 PRO SP7731G Flash file info with cm2

Device info :
Patch Level : MRA58K
Display ID : J106_A3_S010_AD_LT900_PRO_V1.0_20190819
Ver. Incmt : root-103233
Ver. CodeName : REL
Ver. Release : 8.1
Sec. Patch : 2016-07-01
Build Time : 19.08.2019
Product Brand : android_1
Product Name : LT900_PRO
Product Device : LT900_PRO
Product Board : sp7731gea_hdr
Product Manfct : android_1
Board Platform : sc8830
Product Info : LT900_PRO
Product Model : LT900 PRO

AndroidVer : 8
VlnrLevel : 0x01


Read : prodnv.img
ExtSparse : Compression ratio : 86%
Read : phase.cfg
Read : wmodem.bin
Read : wdsp.bin
Read : wnvitem.bin
Read : modem_wcn.img
Read : wcnnvitem.bin
Read : boot_logo.bmp
Read : fastboot_logo.bmp
Read : logo2.bin
Read : logo3.bin
Read : logo4.bin
Read : logo5.bin
Read : boot.img
Read : system.img
ExtSparse : Compression ratio : 86%
Make : persist.img
Read : sysinfo.bin
ExtSparse : Compression ratio : 4%
Make : cache.img
Read : recovery.img
Make : userdata.img
Read : u-boot.bin
Read : u-boot-spl.bin

Firmware size : 0x54CD44B0 ( 1.33 GiB )
Android Info saved : _Android_info.txt
Reconnect Power/Cable!

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